Our Vision

Working together with partners and customers to craft business solutions by combining people and innovation - information and technology - in support of the business relationship.

DOCUMAX Enterprises specializes in assisting organizations with innovative design of critical business processes in support of business objectives and in the implementation of enabling automated data capture, workflow, imaging and document management solutions. The partners and related businesses of DOCUMAX Enterprises are multi-nationals with senior, results-oriented professionals who have a track record of successful delivery of high value process innovation and advanced technology initiatives.

Creating efficiency and effectiveness within organizations requires not only visionary leadership, but also the thoughtful integration of four critical components: process, people, technology and organization. DOCUMAX Enterprises assists organizations in understanding and linking these four elements to support the creation of value for customers. We differentiate ourselves by remaining vendor-independent while keeping up to date with market and product developments. This translates into independent assessment and a focus on finding the right solution to support your business needs.