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DOCUMAX Enterprises examines several key areas to determine a client’s specific requirements. Once the scope of client needs are understood, DOCUMAX Enterprises collaborates with each client to select the product suites to serve precise predefined needs. Some areas analyzed include the following: operations objectives, customer service goals, cost reduction plans, corporate IT strategies, existing application software suites in use, database standards, hardware architectures, topology standards, operating system standards, daily scan volumes, daily retrieval counts, daily print volumes, information routing needs, location constraints, document make up, document workflow, storage types, legal requirements.

Often, an extensive investigation of the above details is required to ensure the selection of "the best solution". Occasionally, a client might start with one product suite to meet prototyping needs and then upgrade as their implementation unfolds and needs evolve. A major shift in internal computing standards can often create the need to reevaluate a system already in production.

DOCUMAX Enterprises thoroughly probes to identify such varying requirements to assure proper solutions are deployed to meet immediate and future needs. To achieve this end, DOCUMAX Enterprises selected to use only software products which offer seamless upgrade paths from one level to the next, to guarantee cost-effective system migration options.

Business Applications

Financial Applications

Healthcare Applications

Business Applications

Imaging and Workflow Solutions: Finding better, faster and more efficient ways of accomplishing any given business process is a hallmark of DOCUMAX Enterprises and the fundamental reason for our success over the years. Given our proven ability to deliver thin client or in house imaging and workflow applications tailored to your specific business needs we feel very confident of the outcome of any task in which you might engage us. Give us a try. You will like the result. [Top Of Page]

Data Capture: Fundamental to any imaging and workflow application is the need to capture an electronic image. In some instances capture will simply require scanning and indexing a paper file. It may require that we retrieve data from a previously identified source or extract data from electronic images then match and merge specific data elements in order to feed data back to a legacy system or index an image. In some cases all of the above will be required for a single application. No matter the requirement we have accomplished the task before and can do it again to your satisfaction. [Top Of Page]

Complete Mailroom: We could not claim to offer a complete end to end solution if we could not also provide the mailroom services required to manage the large volume of mail you see in your mailroom every day. Give it over to us. We will open the mail, sort out the white mail from the documents we are intended to capture and return white mail as required. Of course we will manage capture of the intended documents with care and store the paper until our customers directives indicate we need to do something else with the paper. [Top Of Page]

Onsite Services: At times the sensitivity of the information contained in your documents is such that you cannot risk sending them out. In that case we will come to you. We have historically done so in many instances. Most pressing was a high risk Health Care application where records may have been required at a moments notice in the event a patient was admitted while we were capturing information. We fostered a close onsite partnership with the Health Information Management (HIM) team in order to allow them to know exactly where to find any given record at a moments notice while we worked side by side with the HIM team to quickly convert paper files to electronic images. [Top Of Page]

Conversion Services: We don’t limit ourselves to business sized paper documents. We know you may have microfilm, microfiche, large drawings, maps or other formats and we convert them all. You may have very long term retention requirements as well as a near term need for rapid retrieval. In that case it may be best that we capture an electronic image for near term access and a microfilm image for long term archival storage. Tell us what you need. Between us we can figure out what will work best at an affordable rate. [Top Of Page]

Custom Solutions Development: Have you seen the software solution we created for Accounts Payable? If you have seen the product you know we have all of the required skills and talent on board to deliver on any custom solution you may have designed on your own or might need for us to assist in designing for you.

Financial Applications

Accounts Payable: DOCUMAX developed iMATCH for APO. iMATCH does not compete with your existing ERP system but instead is a very narrowly focused product, packaged with imaging and workflow software, and designed to remove all of the “non value tasks” associated with the AP process. Our goal is to focus your AP knowledge workers on the task for which they were hired and not have them spending time performing low end clerical tasks. Please take a moment to read through the description of iMATCH found on this site. [Top Of Page]

EDI Conversions: To facilitate your business process and to add value to our iMATCH process we have the ability to convert any paper invoice to an 810 EDI format, or any other format for that matter. With no upfront cost for the service and no cost imaging for long term storage converting to EDI has significant and immediate benefit.

Accounts Receivables: Chances are very good you already have a robust Accounts Receivables (AR) system in operation. After all, AR is the process by which you receive the funds required to run your business and you need to know who has paid, who is late and what funds to apply where in which account. We probably aren’t going to be able to do much to augment your AR process as such but we can make it very easy to store and retrieve any and all associated documents. When was the last time you went searching for an email that had specific information about the collections you are about to undertake? If you are storing paper files just to make it easy to keep things together then we have a solution for you. How about having the ability to capture and store any Microsoft document or email directly to your image files where you also store all of your AR data files? No more hunting around or keeping paper. It is all there at the push of a button. [Top Of Page]

POD and BOL Web Solutions: Are you wondering if that Proof of Delivery (POD) document should have arrived but you are just not sure? Do you need to see the POD or Bill of Lading (BOL) when reviewing your Accounts Receivables invoices but can’t always find them? Would it work for you to have a tracking system to tell you exactly when a POD is expected or to automatically alert you if it did not return on time? Of course we expect it would be helpful to have all of your Accounts Receivables documents tied together automatically so you have only one single source for everything. We can make that happen. [Top Of Page]

Web Based Workflow: It would be great if all of our work always happened in the office but it doesn’t. There are times when remote access to information and business process is required and at those times an in house workflow package behind a firewall is not going to help much. There are times when web based workflow is the best possible solution and we have the tools to deliver just that solution to you. If your need is to approve invoices for payment on line or remain engaged in a complex purchase and order entry process we can help you stay connected and informed. [Top Of Page]

Custom Solutions Development: Have you seen the software solution we created for Accounts Payable? If you have seen the product you know we have all of the required skills and talent on board to deliver on any custom solution you may have designed on your own or might need for us to assist in designing for you. [Top Of Page]

Healthcare Applications

Claims Processing: With extensive experience in paper to EDI conversions both in Health Care and Accounts Payables applications we are well suited to assist your organization with an 837 EDI conversion from paper.

Medical Record Conversion: We are currently scanning and indexing over 60,000 health care images a day and feeding images and data to a variety of back end systems including Epic, Hyland, ISI and others. We have been capturing health care records for nearly ten years and have followed and adopted all HIPPA requirements. Let us know how we can help you. [Top Of Page]

On-line Hosting and Workflow: We host a number of solutions for our health care clients. Some require a searchable CD with images and a simple index. Others require complex capture, data validations, double data entry and an upload to a larger broad based and hosted imaging repository. We have a variety of imaging and workflow solutions to meet a variety of needs. Let us know what it is your business process requires and we will partner with you to deliver the best solution for your business process. [Top Of Page]

Record Storage and Retrieval: In some medical applications retention periods exceed the expected life of digital technology. It is said some digital technology will be viable for 100 years but who will have the device to retrieve the images after ten years? At times low cost paper storage is a good solution and perhaps you have paper on site and just need some place to put it for a few years. Or perhaps you need an electronic image backed up by a microfilm copy for long term storage. No matter the requirement we can help you with the solution. Give us your paper. We’ll store your paper if that is what you desire or we will convert it to another medium that works. [Top Of Page]

Custom Solutions Development: Have you seen the software solution we created for Accounts Payable? If you have seen the product you know we have all of the required skills and talent on board to deliver on any custom solution you may have designed on your own or might need for us to assist in designing for you. [Top Of Page]

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