...A Few Sandwiches...a DOCUMAX Enterprises non-profit

DOCUMAX Enterprises is committed to giving back to the community and a portion of every dollar spent with DOCUMAX Enterprises becomes part of a fund designated to helping the homeless as well as alcohol and drug dependant individuals.

For several years A Few Sandwiches, a faith based organization, has worked the streets of Downtown Portland serving the needs of the homeless and dependant individuals by feeding hot meals in the winter and sandwiches and fruit in the warmer months. In addition to serving food, we also pass out personal hygiene products and fulfill specific requests for over the counter topical medications in order to heal cuts or stave off infections.

An important aspect of our work is to develop relationships with people on the street in order to be there when or if they decide to move towards detox or into a rehabilitation program. When an individual is ready to leave the streets we will drive individuals to detox centers and pay the small fee required to get these willing individuals on their way to recovery. Follow up is critical and we are committed mentors to people who are working in recovery programs.

As individuals move from the street to more permanent housing A Few Sandwiches works to assist those individuals by supplying basic kitchen implements and a food basket to get them started.

For more information, please visit: www.afewsandwiches.org